About the NCBN database

Outline of information in the database

NCBN summarizes and provides access to a database containing information about bioresources collected by each National Center. Accessible bioresources and medical information are as follows.

Items Content
Medical Interview Information Sex, age, anamnesis, disease history of family, smoking history, and drinking history
Disease Information Main disease name, comorbidities
Bioresources Whole blood, serum, plasma, DNA, , RNA, solid tissue (cells, placenta, etc), spinal fluid, other biomaterial (urine, etc), pathological tissue, other pathological specimens

In addition, the NCBN database shows additional clinical information, such as examination information and drug information.

Items Content
Additional Clinical Information Drug information Information on drugs being prescribed at present and in the past
Examination information Information on the examination being conducted at present and examinations conducted in the past
Specific treatment history Information on the specific treatment being administered at present and such treatments administered in the past

Collection status of catalogue data

NCBN began collecting data in October 2013. Since then, about 120,000 patients have been registered. When each NC biobank adds data, the database is updated in real time; therefore, it is always possible to access current data. Collection status can be confirmed on the Statistics page and on the Information page.

NCBN Database

Selectable search condition items

Selectable search condition items in the NCBN database include the following:

Item Classification Search Item Possible Conditions
Basic Patient Information Sex Male, Female, Unknown
Age Age range (spanning 10 years)
Medical Interview Information Anamnesis Cancer, Hypertension, Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, Stroke, Heart disease, Liver ailment, Kidney disease, Tuberculosis, Mental disease
Current medical history Cancer, Hypertension, Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, Stroke, Heart disease, Liver ailment, Kidney disease, Tuberculosis, Mental disease
Disease history of family Hypertension, Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, Myocardial infarction, Cancer, Mental disease
Smoking, Drinking Whether there is relevant information.
Disease Information Disease name Code search by the ICD-10 code (direct input or selection from a list of codes)
*Bioresources Bioresources Serum, Plasma, DNA, DNA (non-extraction), RNA, Solid tissue (cells, placenta, etc), Spinal fluid, Pathological tissue, Other1 (urine, etc), Other2 (information related to pathological specimens)

*It is possible to choose sample transfer or joint research, according to the purpose for which bioresources are to be used.

Search of catalogue data

The information users need is available in the "NCBN database" thus, users can find values for each National Center via the search function.

For diseases in the database that are followed by asterisks (*), "Additional Clinical Information" can be obtained by clicking on the disease name. It is also possible to obtain detailed "Additional Clinical Information" by clicking the link for the name of a National Center when searching for a disease name that indicates such information is available.