About NCBN


NCBN Management Structure

The management structure to promote this Biobank project by 6NCs is as follows:


Regular meetings Agendas (including future plans)
NC Biobank Presidents' Meeting
  • Organize registration, control, use of samples, and clinical information
  • Establish common platforms and necessary working groups (WGs)
  • Discuss the concept of NCBN (National Center for Biobank Network) and its future development
WGs Agendas (including future plans)
Creative Publicity WG
  • Review publicity related to the National Centers Biobank
  • Review the presentation of the whole NCBN website
  • Review publicity related to utilization of samples, etc.
  • Study means of gaining wider recognition for NCBN
Research Utilization WG
  • Review procedures for research utilization of the national centers and standardization of procedures
  • Review the framework for using bioresouces in research
Quality Control WG
  • Investigate international standardization organizations, such as ISO, and share information gained
  • Review quality control in NCBN conforming to international standards, such as ISO
  • Provide standard operating procedures for each national center and establish NCBN standards
Organization units playing major roles Business (including future plans)
  • Provide administrative and support functions as NCBN in charge of integrating assistance functions
  • Monitor the progress of process control for Biobank projects
  • Provide one-stop service for those wishing to utilize samples
Central Database/Publicity Division
  • Activities related to the the following: creation, management, and operation of the NCBN electronic database and promotion of sample utilization via the database
  • Create a common platform for efficient linking of samples and medical information among the 6 national centers
  • Create content for, manage and operate the NCBN website
  • Hold public relations activities with respect to government, industry, and academia, and develop links with other biobank businesses