ASHG2023(Wathington DC) 出展報告
Report on Exhibit at the ASHG2023.

場所:アメリカ ワシントンDC Walter E.コンベンションセンター

世界中のゲノムの研究者が集うASHG(American Society of Human Genetics)にNCBNブースを展示しました。
会場 会場の入り口






Location: Walter E. Convention Center, Washington, DC, U.S.A.
Date: November 2-4

We exhibited the NCBN booth at ASHG (American Society of Human Genetics), where genome researchers from all over the world gather.

The venue was very large, and in addition to the many booths, there were poster displays in the aisles between the booths. It is estimated that there were a considerable number of posters on display.

Our booth was visited by over 200 researchers and companies and we received many questions.
Being an ASHG, the questions of the visitors to our booth were almost exclusively genome-related.
A researcher working at the NIH told us that while Asian genome data is attracting a lot of attention, it is a waste that so much Japanese data has been gathered. We received the opinion that data sharing should be conducted as soon as possible.
From what the visitors told us, we felt that genome data and clinical information from Asia, especially Japan, are of great interest overseas.

We recognized that NCBN, a Japanese disease biobank, is highly valuable, and we believe that we need to conduct more genome analysis in conjunction with the creation of an environment and rules that will enable us to share and provide data overseas before we miss the world.