Report on Exhibit at the 97th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society (December 14-16)

会期 :2023年12月14日(木)~16日(土)
会場 :神戸国際展示場2号館(神戸市)






Dates : Thursday, December 14 – Saturday, December 16, 2023
Venue : Kobe International Exhibition Hall No. 2, Kobe, Japan

NCBN’s booth was exhibited at the Japanese Pharmacological Society. The location was Kobe International Exhibition Hall No. 2. The conference was held in Kobe following the Molecular Biology Society of Japan. The booth was located in the back of Hall 2, right in front of the rest area.
The booth was well attended because it was held jointly with the Japanese Pharmacological Society and the Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology, and was located on one large floor. We were able to distribute all 100 copies of the pamphlet we brought with us.

Although there were more visitors who knew about NCBN than those who knew about the Society for Clinical Biology or the Molecular Biology Society, we felt that more promotional activities are still needed. We received invitations to attend the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan among those to whom we gave explanations this time, so we would like to consider attending the next Pharmaceutical Society of Japan.
When I explained about the NCBN, everyone was interested in it, but since there were questions about how to apply and how long it takes, I felt it was necessary to clearly describe the details on the website.
As is the case at other conferences, we were often asked about the price of sales, results after sales, and achievements.
We were also asked about other results from the video we were showing at the booth, so we have the impression that introducing results in video is effective to a certain extent, so we will consider adding and updating videos in the future.

There was also a person who talked about ethics. He said that Japan has more ethics committees than the U.S. including all fields such as regenerative medicine. I was surprised.

As for samples, there are many requests for obtaining samples for each progress like cohort, such as samples before and after the intervention and samples that show the progress, etc. It is a difficult subject, but I would like to propose that it should be considered within NCBN. We have been told that they are looking for samples of children and newborns at this conference as well. Once again, I am reminded of the high demand for samples related to pediatric growth and development. We also received many questions about infectious diseases and liver diseases.

Finally, we have exhibited our booth at several academic conferences this year and have explained the NCBN to many people, and we have the impression that people feel that the NCBN is useful and that something can be done with it. We hope to make it easier for people to use NCBN by introducing actual cases so that they do not miss anything.