Biol Pharm Bull. 2012;35(7):1048-53.

Iodoform gauze removes necrotic tissue from pressure ulcer wounds by fibrinolytic activity.


Iodoform gauze is used in clinical practice for treatment of infected wounds. However, effectiveness and action mechanism of iodoform gauze for removal of necrotic tissue are unknown. We therefore employed case control and biochemical studies in order to clarify the pharmacological activity of iodoform gauze. A clinical study demonstrated that treatment with iodoform gauze removed necrotic tissue more effectively than treatment with conventional ointments. More than 60% of iodoform gauze-treated wounds were completely debrided within 2 weeks. Consistent with the clinical observation, biochemical analyses revealed clear differences in wound fluid proteins after treatment with iodoform gauze or conventional gauze. The amount of macroaggregates of type I collagen from wounds were remarkably decreased in iodoform gauze. Moreover, iodoform gauze and iodoform itself released non-aggregative type I collagen from necrotic debris in vitro. Taken together, we conclude that iodoform gauze efficiently removes necrotic tissue by its lytic activity for collagen fibers.



PMID:  22791151