Our Purpose


The National Center Biobank Network (NCBN) is a biobanking project operated by six National Centers for Biomedical Research and Innovation (NCs) in a networked and federated organizational form, while respecting their individual disease specialties for the "new medical care".


The six National Centers (NCs) are medical research institutions that cover a wide range of major diseases and aim to elucidate diseases and develop treatments to protect the health of the public. The purpose of this project is to create a mechanism to utilize bioresources in cooperation with industry, academia, and government through a wide range of joint research with the 6NCs.


The six National Centers (NCs) in Japan have the mission to elucidate and conquer specific diseases that have a significant impact on the health of the nation, and promote clinical and medical research while taking advantage of their respective specialties (cancer, cardiovascular disease, psychiatric and neurological diseases, infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, immune disorders, pediatric diseases, obstetric diseases, and geriatric diseases). Detailed clinical information and patient-derived tissues collected by specialists in the major diseases for which each NC is responsible are provided to researchers and companies as high-quality research resources that form the basis for research into disease etiology, pathogenesis, and treatment.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Handling of Samples/Information

Since this project handles clinical and genetic information of sample/information donors, the highest priority is placed on the protection of such information under appropriate management in accordance with the "Ethical Guidelines for Human Genome/Genetic Analysis Research" (March 29, 2001 (partially revised on February 28, 2009) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). The same ethics standards were reviewed in 2012. In accordance with the "How to collect and provide samples and information" of the ethical guidelines, which were revised in FY2012, 6NC carefully reviewed the requirements and procedures. After careful consideration of the requirements and procedures, the 6 NCs provide the samples collected by each NC to other research institutions in a linkable anonymized form, provided that the appropriate consent has been obtained from the sample/information provider and that the ethical review process has been approved. At each NC, each person involved in this project and the organization as a whole are committed to the appropriate management and protection of such information, and to ethical considerations.