For Researchers

Detailed clinical information collected by specialists in major diseases and patient-derived tissues, etc., handled by six National Centers for Advanced Medical Research (NC), are provided to researchers and companies as high-quality research resources that form the basis for research on etiology, pathogenesis, and treatment of diseases.

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To researchers who plan to submit a research plan utilizing NCBN samples (please read first)

Contact for inquiries:

The NCBN provides samples for collaborative research or for a fee. In order to avoid mismatches, where a research plan is accepted but the desired samples are not available, please inquire about the availability of the samples you wish to use from the NCBN catalog database before submitting your research plan utilizing NCBN samples. Please confirm that you have the samples available before submitting your application.

  • The NCBN Central Biobank Office will compile the information and reply to you within two weeks.
  • The information you provide in your inquiry will be shared only between the NCBN Central Biobank Office and the NC Biobank staff, and will not be shared externally.
  • In the case of a joint research project, you can set up a collaborator after your application has been accepted.
  • After the application is accepted and the research plan is ethically approved, each NC biobank will conduct a sample access review, after which the samples can be provided.

NCBN provides samples to corprations and research insitituions, both domestic and foreign, in the form of samples distribution and collabrative research.
However, some NCs can only provide the biological materials and data to overseas researchers under collabration.